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ARTEMIS offers battle proven electronic counter measure technology . Our solutions are in operation with every one of the ‘5-EYES’ coalition. All of our equipment are designed to meet various military design standards including humidity, temperature, dust, shock and vibe (MIL 461, 810 certified) and meet TRL9 Standards, i.e., tested to work in extreme environments and climates.

Features include:
• User-definable software for rapid and easy reconfiguration the user maintains the ability to define system performance allowing for total flexibility to meet both current and emerging threats
• Simultaneous active jamming, reactive jamming and simple communications.
• Modular and adaptive open architecture that provides a future-proof capability that program managers seek and increasingly expect
• C4I compatibility ensuring seamless operation with battlefield assets.
• Scalable hardware configuration – Transceiver Modules (TMs) can be reconfigured as necessary. The TMs have the potential to be dispersed throughout a vehicle platform to optimize limited space.
• Future-proof, flexible, scalable and adaptable.
• Efficient thermal air cooled design.
• Liquid cooled version also available.