Business development

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We are currently waiting permission that will allow us publicise the details of current and past projects with various clients. In the meantime please refer below to get a brief overview of what we do.

Artemis Consultants work with several Provincial governments and businesses in China who are looking to invest in businesses in the UK.

Ideally our clients are looking to invest in technology that is at the last stages of development. Typical funding can range from £50K, with an upper limit of £15M for the right project.

We can also facilitate the outsourcing of manufacturing processes to China, and help with obtaining licences required to run a business in China.

We have strong relations with local governments and manufacturing companies in China. Some of the institutions and authorities we work with in China include First Automobile Works (FAW), State Administration of Foreign Experts Affair (SAFEA), Shanghai Local Government, Jilin Local Government, Changchun Local Government. These institution/authorities are looking to collaborate with businesses in the UK in order to create joint ventures, to buy licensing agreements and to invest in R&D projects. Our role is create a bridge between our contacts in China and businesses in UK in order to facilitate such activities.

We are looking for businesses in the UK who looking to sell their products, intellectual property, expertise to the Chinese market or are looking for further funding for R&D/growth.

Collaboration sought

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Technical co-operation
Commercial co-operation
Financial resources
Manufacturing Agreement
Research & Development
University Collaboration