Management consultants china

Business Development

Recent years have seen a large increase in foreign direct investment both in and out of China. UK economy has benefited immensely from this trend, with British companies setting up bases and acquiring maketshare in China. We work to streamline the process of international trade. We help Chinese companies navigate the British business system, and British business meet the right partners in China to further their business. Our services include, but are not limited to:
                •Government relations  
                •Endorsements and lobbying  
                •Event organisation  
Whatever business development requirements you have, we will put together a team of professionals to realize your vision.

Education: Executive training Programmes for Chinese Organisations

Modern organisations are complex ecosystems that need to be nurtured and managed effectively in order to ensure the continued growth and efficiency of the the business, as a result key decision makers and leaders in the organisation need to keep up with the development of, in addition to traditional management practices, contemporary management techniques. We will work with your organisation to identify your training requirements and develop a bespoke training programme that will prepare the leaders in your organisation for the road ahead. The content of our training programmes are delivered by some of the best research based universities in the UK by academics who are at the pinnacle of their career.

Investment/Angel Funding

Although it has become difficult is recent times to get loans from banks, the last few years have seen entrepreneurs turn to alternative funding mechanisms in order to get the much needed cash injection to grow their business. We have connections with Chinese entrepreneur clubs and businesses that are looking for the right opportunity to invest abroad. If you have an business in need of cash injection please get in touch, and well will access your business to see whether it meets the investment strategy of any individuals, businesses in our network.

Technology: ERP Systems that deliver on demand Analytics

In the highly competitive economy that businesses operate in nowadays, it has never been more important for businesses to have on-demand access to analytics in order to access and understand customer trends and employee performance. Despite popular belief ERP systems are not expensive to deploy. Some of the opensource ERP systems in the market are now as good as if not better compared to the commercial systems out there. We can develop, implement and customise opensourse ERP systems for your business and help you get the performance reports you need to make effective and efficient business decisions.

Outsourcing to China

Companies such as luxury fashion retailer Burberry, technology giants such as Apple have long since outsourced their manufacturing to China in order to benefit from lower labour costs and the manufacturing expertise in the country. However what most SMEs, entrepreneurs do not realize is that outsourcing manufacturing is no longer confined to the realms of large organisations. Intelligent and adaptable production processes now also allow manufacturers to take smaller manufacturing orders that were previously not economically viable. However there still remains language, cultural and legal barriers that would need to be overcome during the outsourcing process. Considerations need to be given to intellectual property and how to protect them. We will work with you to find you a reliable, credible outsourcing partner and help you navigate the pitfalls associated to outsourcing manufacturing to China. .