International trade advisers




Good relations with local governments and businesses in China.

Guanxi is a very important concept in the Chinese culture, in very basic terms Guanxi is a dynamic, personalized network of influence. We can reduce the timescales for developing partnerships, collaborating and licensing issues drastically by using our 'guanxi' network.


We are small, agile and versatile.

As a small company we are better placed to respond to changes in a quick and efficient way. We will use our network of independent contractors and consultants to create a team that will deliver the results you are looking for.


Entrepreneurial approach to work...

Innovation and creativity allows entrepreneurial leaders to generate novel ideas that create new opportunities for their organisation. By fostering an entrepreneurial approach to work we ensure that we deliver innovative solutions for your business development needs.

Our Team

China Marketing
Shihab SYED Business Development Manager
China Consultants
GRACE MA Marketing Manager (China)
China Business Development
Abhinandan Mallick Consulting Analyst
Professional Training
Zi Zhang Training Programme Co-Ordinator(China)
Opensource ERP
Awaiting Confirmation Bid Engineer
ERP implemantation
Awaiting Confirmation Bid Consultant