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ARTEMIS works with strategically selected partners to provide defence and security products, services and solutions to governments and governmental agencies. We use our engineering and technical expertise to provide our clients with independent and objective advice on their procurement needs; providing personalised support across all stages of the procurement process to ensure that our clients are using the right equipment to protect their organisational, national interests.

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  • We provide cost effective defence and security solutions using technology, products that enhance security and deliver efficiency savings.
  • Onsite survey solutions, risk assessment to identify and develop project specification.
  • After sales service, that includes personalised training and certification programmes.

Electronic Counter Measure

ARTEMIS offers battle proven electronic counter measure technology . Our solutions are in operation with every one of the ‘5-EYES’ coalition. All of our equipment ...

Command and Control Vehicles

We offer command and control vehicles for emergency services and security forces. Our vehicles have a light weight design allowing rapid deployment and manoeuvrability for ...

Anti-Drone Solutions

The need for protecting critical infrastructure and VIPS from potential drone threats is both paramount and apparent. ARTEMIS is able to provide various solutions to ...